ID Cards

Clarity produces tens of millions of healthcare ID cards annually for dozens
of health plans across the U.S. Clarity’s capacity and redundancy coupled
the most cutting edge application in the market enables our clients to
create and distribute ID cards with that are compliant, targeted and timely.
  • Multi-substrate platform allows for cards to be printed and affixed to variable letter carriers or to be stand-alone card carriers where cards “punch-out”.
  • Card design and content changes done online in real-time.
  • Manage production online by holding cards for proofing, overriding data or shipment methods or pulling cards from distribution.
  • Cards and carriers can be printed on demand, including full color, taking advantage of
    real-time design changes and reducing inventory and spoilage.
  • Cards can be laminated to 20 or 30 mil thickness.
  • Integrated barcodes can be printed digitally on cards for compliance and
    eligibility information.
  • Application process creates cards that can be printed, emailed, posted to the web or viewed on mobile devices.