• Sean Rotermund
    Founder, President & CEO
  • Stephen Mongelli
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Brian Higgins
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Dan Schlaff
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Kathy Dolan
    Director, Project
    Management Office
  • Rose Levy
    Director, Client Service
  • Patricia Pensa
    Director, Finance

Sean Rotermund
Founder, President & CEO

Sean is the founder of Clarity, and has overseen the company’s emergence from a start-up to a market leader in the healthcare communications space within five years, earning the rank of No. 107 in Inc. Magazine's annual Inc. 500|5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in the country. Sean relies on his 17 years of healthcare experience to drive Clarity's rapid growth while maintaining the core values upon which the company was founded. Those core values, centered on a passion to exceed customer expectations all the time, have resulted in tremendous loyalty and referral growth.

On a day-to-day basis, Sean is responsible for directing business development efforts through management of the executive team including sales, marketing, operations, client management and information technology. His success in new business generation is grounded in his past experiences in marketing and in strategic, new product and technology applications development. Sean’s passion and expertise will continue to power Clarity's growth.

Sean's talents include the ability to identify the unique needs of organizations and his recognition of the differences between small and large clients allows the company to serve both groups equally well. Clarity's ability to create client response-based applications is a result of Sean's dedication to providing the best possible client experience. He has helped build Clarity’s outstanding reputation by managing those relationships with care and professionalism, streamlining new client implementations and launching technology initiatives to support the dynamic needs of clients.

Sean holds a Bachelor of Sciences from Bentley University.

Stephen Mongelli
Chief Marketing Officer

Steve joined Clarity in January of 2008 after a decade inside the national healthcare and insurance business marketplace. His success with new product development and marketing strategies for membership enrollment and retention have been instrumental in bringing Clarity to the industry-leading role it plays today. His impact on the company is best measured by sales growth and our positive retention rates.

Steve spearheads numerous initiatives: developing successful print-on-demand programs, streamlining marketing communications, developing modern, cost-effective solutions to replace inefficient legacy documentation methods and ultimately, creating an enhanced member experience. He skillfully manages the teams responsible for sales, marketing, and relationship management by applying his extensive Marketing and Operations background.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Richmond.

Brian Higgins
Chief Technology Officer

Brian joined Clarity in November of 2007. Under Brian's direction, the Clarity application platform was designed from the bottom up to be easily maintainable, configurable and scalable. For two decades, Brian has demonstrated success in assembling and motivating talented technical teams, employing advanced technologies, and creating extremely successful application platforms.

At Clarity, Brian manages a team responsible for design, development and maintenance of information systems including system architecture, client facing applications, web development and database management. Prior to Clarity, Brian held high-level positions in the print-on-demand solution and insurance marketplaces. Brian has also worked as a Systems Architect and provided technical direction to large teams on the appropriate use of advanced technologies such as object-oriented programming, web development, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

While employed by Aetna, Brian designed, coded and led the team that created MedQuery™. MedQuery™ was Aetna's flagship application that used expert systems technology to optimize medical utilization. MedQuery™ was awarded a patent (5,517,405) in 1996 and Brian was listed as an inventor.

Brian holds a Bachelor of Sciences from Southern Connecticut State University.

Dan Schlaff
Chief Operating Officer

Dan joined the Clarity team in November 2011 with over two decades of proven leadership experience and his strengths and experience are instrumental in keeping Clarity relevant and a leader in the marketplace.

As Chief Operating Officer, Dan provides direction and guidance on strategy, decision-making and goal attainment for Finance, Project Management, Client Service and Human Resources. His collaborative approach, one of the tenants of Clarity's culture, consistently optimizes business objectives and refines goals to promote client-centric efficiencies. Dan’s core strength in team building and designing scalable
long term business strategies are proven to heighten client care during periods of consistent growth.

Dan previously served as COO at Ventus Networks, a technology company providing intelligent infrastructure and secure financial frameworks to the telecommunications and financial sectors. Dan also served in the US Navy, retiring as Assistant Chief of Staff, Submarine Logistics, Northeast.

Dan is a graduate of the New School University, with a BS in Human Resource Management. He is also trained in Lean Six Sigma and holds an executive certification in Project Management.

Kathy Dolan
Director, Project Management Office

Kathy joined the Clarity team in July, 2011, bringing her experience in digital publishing and enterprise content management from The McGraw-Hill Companies. Her results for those companies allowed more efficient content creation methods, work-flow processes and product development & delivery opportunities.

As Director of our Project Management Office, Kathy leads a team of business analysts, quality assurance specialists and the implementation efforts surrounding those roles. Additionally, she is responsible for governance, performance and schedule management and the intracommunications
of the business unit initiatives.

Kathy is a graduate of Columbia University – School of Engineering and Applied Science where she earned a BS in Engineering and Management Systems. She is also a graduate of Providence College and holds a BS in Engineering and Physics Systems.

Rose Levy
Director, Client Service

Rose has been a valued member of the Clarity team since 2009. Her excellence in client service and implementation earned her promotion to Director, Client Service in March 2011. Rose's organizational and communication methods, product knowledge and ability to cross-manage enables her to be the liaison between the business analysts, implementation activities and the CRS team.

In her capacity as Director, Rose leads a team of highly committed client relationship specialists (CRS team) who strategically manage all client accounts. In this role, she strives to build trust and successful long term partnerships with our clients.

Patricia Pensa
Director, Finance

Patricia joined the Clarity team in January 2012. The diversification of her previous roles in both public and private accounting gives her a leading edge in her field and serves as an asset to Clarity. Patricia’s prior experience includes the position of Assistant Controller with a real estate investment firm managing the accounting and auditing for a portfolio of assets, and as Assistant Controller to a retail gasoline and distribution company.

As the Director of Finance, Patricia provides financial leadership to Clarity and is responsible for the financial reporting and analysis, internal controls, budgeting, forecasting and auditing requirements.

Patricia has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from Central Connecticut State University